About Us

We are a group of hardware and software hackers that like inventing shit.

Our main hustle is software development and we run our own software development business. We also participate in the local startup community and entrepreneurship ecosystem. We're always launching, testing, experimenting ideas and having fun while doing so.

The MiSTer FPGA is a really cool project and we decided we wanted to do our own SNES to USB ports, to learn about Arduino and end to end 3D printing, product sourcing and circuit design. I personally wanted a way I could use my 8bitdo wireless controllers with the lowest latency possible.

The existing open source projects and Arduino platform seems like the best path to achieve this. The research produced something we though other people could use and wanted to make it available at a reasonable cost while covering some of our hardware design, manufacturing and shipping efforts. Everything is done locally at our offices with the exception of raw materials and PCBs which we have to source elsewhere.

We like classic video games as much as you do and the MiSTer project is an excellent preservation effort towards the accuracy and play-ability of the classic games we grew up enjoying. We hope our contribution is a positive one.